Jivy Group

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Jivy Group

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О компании

Welcome to JIVY Group.

We are a different kind of venture builder that helps grow next generation companies.

Being headquartered in Tel-Aviv (Israel) since its foundation in 2004, Jivy Group currently owns software development offices in Moldova and Ukraine. The company's services cover a wide range of activities and include: consultancy, personalized software, application development and maintenance, testing and quality assurance, 24/6 support services. Among the clients of the Jivy Group are: Creditplace, Makeree, OM2 Venture.

For more details, could you visit our web page: jivygroup.com

We are on Facebook: JivyGroup.MD


Информация о компании

  • Город: Кишинёв
  • Телефон: 068224338
  • Эл. почта:
  • Company Size: 10
  • Веб-сайт: http://www.jivygroup.md/