Publicat  16 Mai 2022
Ofertă de muncă fierbinte

FrontEnd React Developer (Full Time) @Oneest

Ofertă de muncă fierbinte
Oneest Chișinău Full Time Negociabil
Oneest Chișinău Full Time Negociabil

Informații de bază

Program de lucru:
Full Time
de la 2 ani
Companie verificată de echipa
Job verificat de echipa

Descrierea poziției vacante

About Project

One of the largest British home furnishings retailers operating throughout the United Kingdom (173 locations in 2020).

Project and tasks

  • Replacing payments processor (Cybersource) with a new one, Adyen. This entails
  • UX/UI website on checkout part;
  • Integration of the new processing mechanism on all backend systems
  • Creating a new automatic settlement system for the Finance department which will check all payments to ensure they’re in accordance with those registered in Adyen
  • Implementing of a PSP for MPOS (mobile point of sale), an in-store purchase system;
  • Return systems on different channels;
  • Upcoming: Integrating a “Gift cards” mechanism.

Management process 

  • A lot of pair programming (2-3 devs working on a ticket in a call; it’s fun, useful and constructive);
  • Everyone has an input, every input is taken into account at all points;
  • 20% of the time dedicated to learning (on Fridays you can work on what you want and learn new stuff);
  • A lot of work, but no pressure from the business.
  • Selling points: helpful, friendly, down-to-earth colleagues;

Team 18-20 people:
Delivery lead, PM, BA, and the rest devs (most of them BE)

Recruitment process

  • Cultural interview (with HR Manager) - up to an hour
  • Technical task send on email - just for Juniors and some Middles. Strong Middles and Senior do not have a technical task.
  • Technical interview with one or two Senior Developers live coding and theoretical questions - up to two hours
  • Final interview and employment offer

*The whole process can take from 4 days to two weeks.


You Are Good At:

  • Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban;
  • Javascript, Typescript, and modern frameworks and platforms like ReactJS, Next.JS;
  • Unit testing using Jest or Enzyme
  • User Interface Performance and Responsiveness;

You Rock At:

  • More than one programming language such as Javascript or Java;
  • Markup and styling with HTML5 and CSS 3;
  • Being self-driven and working with little supervision towards a common team or company purpose.


What you will get

  • Net Salary range $2000 - $4000.
  • Employment contract.
  • Remote work, in-office, or hybrid.
  • Trainings and career development opportunities.
  • English language courses.
  • Team building activities.


Despre companie

Our story 

Oneest is a software company, founded in 2015 by George Teaman. The company is headquartered in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova and is oriented on design and software product development. 

We started by developing projects for local clients, and over the years we reached a portfolio of over 50 projects done both to national and international clients. For 6 years we’ve developed products for various industries such as Telecom, FinTech, Automotive, HR Tech, PropTech, Aviation, Retail/E-commerce, Sport Tech, IoT, Legal, Crypto, Accounting.


Our people 

We believe that our people drive our success as a business. We celebrate successes, face challenges and we're on this great adventure together. When we focus on adding value to people's lives everyone wins. We encourage and help each other to achieve our goals. People can learn, develop their skills and change their paths if they want to, from one field to another, from one programming language to another and be the best they can be. It’s important for us to have an open and positive working environment, where people feel supportive, included and connected to our culture. 

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