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Plumber / CV mechanic

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520 EUR
Вид занятости:
Гимназия / Лицей
Mid-Level (2-5 лет)
За границей, Нидерланды

Описание вакансии


  • A training in Installation Technology.
  • Demonstrable work experience as a plumber / CV mechanic.

Condiții de muncă:

  • A contract in case of proven suitability.
  • An appropriate salary between 520 and 550, depending on your knowledge and experience.
  • Professional and wireless tools.


As a plumber / CV mechanic, you will have to deal with a lot of variety at our client, both in terms of work and projects. For example, you will work on both new construction and renovation projects and in the housing and utility sectors.

You are responsible for various activities in the field of installation technology. This can be done as a plumber or as a central heating mechanic (thick-walled and / or thin-walled)  

Among other things, you will be involved in the construction and installation of piping. You will also install and maintain drainage systems and central heating systems. Lots of daily variety!

You will mainly work in the north of the Netherlands and it can sometimes happen that you are a little further away from home. Fortunately, your enthusiasm is no less! You are a collegial employee and do not have a 9 to 5 mentality. Of course you are communicative skilled and you know how to behave towards the customers. Do you have a valid VCA certificate? Top! Don't have this? No problem, I'll arrange it for you! 


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HR менеджер не успел заполнить данное поле, но можете быть уверены, у этой компании очень интересная история. Вскоре мы свяжемся с их менеджером и прпоросим дополнить информацию. А пока можете посмотреть их предложения о работе.

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