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3 000 USD
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Entry-Level (< 2 лет)

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High Stream Moving is evolving every year and is now reaching a new level. In this regard, we are looking for a good SMM manager who will take on the responsibility of creating and maintaining social networks. We consider both office-based and remote work, so we are looking for someone from any country. The main thing is a desire to work, knowledge of English, creativity and a good approach to problem solving.

We are looking for an experienced specialist who creates bright, concise and "tasteful" texts to be posted in social networks. You should not only be interested in creating texts: we are looking for a colleague who is able to understand our philosophy, who can express it to our target audience through texts.

The mission of a copywriter in our team - to create creative, catchy, unique advertising materials in a certain corporate style.


  • Writing sales texts to create advertising creatives;
  • Writing texts for social networks;
  • building work in social networks (bloggers, activity, comments);
  • knowledge of tools and mechanisms for promotion in social networks;
  • photo shoots organization;
  • creation of visual content;
  • analytics.


  • you know how to write texts;
  • you understand the existing platforms, you know the peculiarities of promotion in each, you know how to work with advertising and track the results of each channel;
  • you know how to write sales texts, absolute literacy;
  • understand and apply different techniques for writing headlines;
  • willing to immerse yourself in the product processes;
  • a wide range of hobbies (a passion for art history and literature is welcome);
  • attentiveness, high level of self-organization and responsibility;
  • knowledge of metrics, analytics.


  • Working day from 9 to 18, five days;
  • Salary depends on the competence of the employee;
  • As an option - work remotely;
  • The possibility of growth;
  • Willingness to do the test assignment.
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О компании

High Stream Moving provides transportation services of any kind in Richmond Hill, On, Canada. The company was founded in 2019, but our employees have over 10 years of trucking experience.

How we work

A successful company is always a good thing; however, over time, the number of employees starts to grow, and the usual office space is simply not able to accommodate all the departments and new employees. As a consequence, it becomes necessary to move into newer and larger premises. And such an office move is directly related to many problems and difficulties.

The main difficulty that makes many people refuse to move office is its negative impact on the work process as a whole. Work disruptions will begin to show up long before you start the move itself - especially if the firm's employees are involved in the office relocation procedure. For example, one employee packed documents that turned out to be in demand today for work. And to find them, you need to review all the boxes in which the documents are lying, since no one has thought of their labeling. Moreover, preparing to move the office allows employees to get away from their immediate work duties.

Professional office moving services

This is why optimal office moving in Richmond Hill involves specialized moving firms that have a lot of experience in moving houses, apartments, and various businesses, including offices. Without a doubt, employees who are seasoned in this area, there are years of proven patterns, and a variety of problems and difficulties guaranteed to be avoided. The most important thing here is to choose the right firm that will carry out the office move. The most important point - do not chase too low a price of services (especially when it is much lower than the market average). Reputable mover companies in Richmond Hill that provide office moving services assume all the responsibility associated with the procedure. That way, if there is a loss or damage to property, all damages will be covered - that's how it works at High Stream Moving.


Today on Delucru we are looking for an experienced SMM manager to lead our social networks. There is a lot of work to be done, so we need someone with a plan who can bring it to life.

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