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str. Cantemir Dimitrie bd., 5/4

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Safeguard Global is a global provider of accounting, payroll, and HR administration services for international customers. We also help people get paid in over 179 countries through our global managed payroll and workforce solutions.

We believe that our passion and love for laughter makes us a better company. At Safeguard, we care for each other and that is what makes us different. Our main goal is to ensure that we give our best, that we develop our talents, that we accept responsibility, and that we prefer to choose what is right over what is easy.

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Основной адрес компании:
Кишинёв, Центр, str. Cantemir Dimitrie bd., 5/4
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Кишинёв, Центр, str. Cantemir Dimitrie bd., 5/4