Publicat  08 Iulie 2022

Junior frontend developer javascript

Opentech Centru, Chișinău Full Time Negociabil
Opentech Centru, Chișinău Full Time Negociabil

Informații de bază

Program de lucru:
Full Time
Superioare în desfășurare
de la 1 an
Centru, Chișinău

Descrierea poziției vacante

Choose your company the way you choose your life partner; after all, you spend more time in the company than with your life partner ! Ravi Kapilavai

About us :

Opentech  is a young and daring IT company, ready to bring a change in a challenging world, where technologies are pervasive and the progress never stops.
We are helping businesses and startups to drive success of the IT products and to maximize the value for the customers.We are definitely convinced that the future depends on today’s productivity, efficiency and dynamism and we truly believe that we can build it together!

Being a part of the dynamic environment in Opentech you will have an excellent chance to work in interesting projects, to increase your skills and it will be a great potential for career growth !

Your skills and experience:

  • Experience in designing, building and testing with JavaScript
  • Experience with React, Angular or Vue
  • Good understanding of OOP priciples
  • Abilities in working with HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with CSS processing
  • Ability of construction of Responsive design
  • Experience working with Front-end libraries ( Material-ui, bootstrap, etc)
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Competence of testing and debugging

Our strong points :

  • Right-minded Crew
  • Well-organized working process and relevant tasks
  • Cooperation between experts and developers
  • Invaluable chance to learn, to show your competence and reach new highs
  • Exclusive space for work and fun !

We invite you to join us! Send us your CV today at Opentech. Thrive through tech !

Despre companie

Opentech is an agile software development unit.
We code smart products for people with good ideas.
Committed to tech excellence. Powered by almost two centuries of extensive background.

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