Publicat  15 Mai 2023

Base Logistics Assistant

Informații de bază

16 700 MDL
Program de lucru:
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Descrierea poziției vacante

Requirements :

  • Previous experience in work related jobs required
  • English and Romanian language
  • Technical skills
  • Service orientation
  • Behavioral flexibility
  • Results and quality orientation
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Stress Management
  • Commitment to INTERSOS principles

Working conditions: Full Time


  • Perform work in the areas of his qualifications according to his line manager's instructions. This can include the following jobs and functions:
  • Storekeeper Assistant: carry out tasks of checking, recording, storing goods and preparing goods according to the storekeeper's instructions
  • Mechanic Assistant: assist mechanics in performing all necessary servicing, repair and maintenance works of vehicle fleet and motorized engines
  • Driver Assistant: assist the driver in performing his duties
  • Maintenance Agent: perform repairs, maintenance and construction works, according to the supervisor's instructions
  • Hygiene Agent: carry out cleaning activities in the mission
  • Take all necessary safety measures for each work done and ensure the same for all his collaborators
  • Ensure cleanliness of common working areas
  • Ensure proper use, storage and maintenance of the equipment and tools provided
  • Inform superiors of any incident that may occur in the course of his work
  • In the absence of Warehouse Assistant, support the Pharmacy Manager on the correct stock management and transport / storage procedures of medical items and supervise storage conditions (eg humidity, temperature, light exposure, cleanliness, pest and rodents control, stock security, maintenance of cold chain , etc.), classification, organization and inventory, in order to guarantee the quality of the medicines and other medical material, and prevent damage, financial losses generated by expired items, deterioration and robbery
  • Assist the procurement procedures (contracts, quotations, appraisals of quality and price) for goods and services in respect of INTERSOS and donor requirements
  • Facilitate the negotiation with local purchasers and maintain good relationships with suppliers
  • Run market assessments and update suppliers lists
  • Update all the supplier files and ensure all training related to the supplier has been fully updated on the IMP
  • Assist the Country Supply Manager and Base Logistics Officer in following up the payments of all suppliers and collecting all the necessary supporting documents from them ie receipts and delivery notes
  • Perform tasks delegated to him

Despre companie

INTERSOS este o organizație umanitară aflată în prima linie în situații de urgență, care oferă asistență victimelor conflictelor armate și dezastrelor naturale, cu o atenție deosebită protecției celor mai vulnerabile persoane.

INTERSOS is a humanitarian organisation on the front-line of emergencies, bringing assistance to victims of armed conflicts, natural disasters and extreme exclusion with particular attention to the protection of the most vulnerable people.

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