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HI is seeking for a qualified individual to fill the above mentioned position.



Please Note:

Handicap International has clear institutional policies on "Child Protection", "Anti-fraud, Bribery and Corruption", "Disability, Gender and Age" and "Protection of Beneficiaries from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment”. It is therefore mandatory for all staff to commit themselves to respect, uphold and promote these policies, and to sign the HI Code of Conduct.

Handicap International “HI” (operating as Humanity & Inclusion) is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.
HI is currently opening a multi-sectoral life-saving assistance to displaced and non-displaced populations in Ukraine such as :  Protection, shelter, health, NFIs, food security and livelihoods, water, sanitation, hygiene, and education and strengthening and supporting access to mental health and psychosocial support; provision of basic and domestic items including food, unrestricted cash assistance, and core relief items.

General Mission

The Finance and cashier Officer produces quality financial information and contributes to the application and dissemination of the budget framework, local and donor rules and HI’s tools, procedures and standards in the financial field. He or she is responsible for the regular bookkeeping of one or more cash boxes, keeping the advances ledger, checking supporting documents, preparing payments and compliance with the organisation's standards and the country's regulatory framework.


1.Working conditions:

Position based in Chisinau with possible visits in the countries.

3 months renewable

Line Manager: Area Manager.


2. Key Responsibilities


  • Mission 1: Updates financial information and monitors financial indicators within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Mission 2: Ensures that HI’s legal obligations are met and produces the required financial documents.
  • Mission 3: Contributes to financial and budget management
  • Mission 4: Deploys all of HI’s cash-flow management policies, processes and tools


Main Activities:


  1. Participates in the construction and adjustment of budgets with the budget holders.
  2. Produces and updates resource allocation tables (human, logistical, etc.) and communicates them to the departments concerned.
  3. Contributes to the financial management of institutional funding in compliance with “donor” guidelines and contractual obligations


  1. Makes payments and pays advances
  2. Monitors the availability of cash in the cash boxes and alerts the Treasurer if there is a risk of shortage.
  3. Prepares cheques and bank transfer orders, submits them to the bank signatories and keeps a copy.
  4. Prepares any supporting documents asked for by internal or external auditors.









 Bachelor degree in the relevant fields of Logistic.

Proven knowledge in budget management


Experience (type and amount of experience) :



 More than 1 year experience in the financial field with increasing levels of responsibility

Previous experience working in humanitarian programs

Previous experience with HI.


Skills (knowledge, abilities required for the position, refer to skills repository document) :


  Excellent communication and writing capacities in English

  Proficient: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

   Knowing how to simplify and prioritise


  Being capable of helping team members to plan and review the drafted plans

Personal qualities:




 Excellent communication skills and diplomacy

  Ability to follow instructions and to be a member of a team


  Strong attention to details

 Good organizational skills

  Practical, dynamic and solution oriented

  Open to cultural differences

   Good capacity to withstand pressure and manage stress

4. Language :


  • Ukrainian or Russian
  • Romanian
  • English or French


  • Any other extra language spoken will be of added value


All interested candidates should send their CVs, cover letters, with attachments bearing your full name; example: Julie NASH – CV (for your CV) and Julie NASH - Cover Letter (for your cover letter) with the subject of the position applied for by email only to: (

Closing date for applications is 5th April 2022


Despre companie

Handicap International "HI” (ce operează și sub denumirea de "Humanity & Inclusion”) este o organizație internațională umanitară independentă și imparțială, care activează în situații de sărăcie și excludere, conflicte și dezastre. Lucrând cu grupuri de persoane cu dizabilități și cu alte grupuri vulnerabile, acțiunea și angajamentul nostru este concentrat pe a răspunde necesităților lor esențiale, îmbunătățindu-le astfel condițiile de trai și promovarea respectului pentru demnitatea și drepturile lor fundamentale.

În prezent, HI oferă asistență multisectorială pentru salvarea vieților celor mai vulnerabili refugiați ucraineni care tranzitează Republica Moldova sau rămân în țară, precum și celei mai vulnerabile populații din Republica Moldova. Obiectivul său în țară este de a consolida și de a sprijini accesul la sănătate mintală și sprijin psihosocial; servicii de reabilitare fizică și acțiuni umanitare incluzive.


Handicap International "HI" (opérant sous le nom d'Humanité & Inclusion) est une organisation d'aide internationale indépendante et impartiale travaillant dans des situations de pauvreté et d'exclusion, de conflit et de catastrophe. Aux côtés des personnes handicapées et des autres groupes vulnérables, notre action et notre témoignage visent à répondre à leurs besoins essentiels, à améliorer leurs conditions de vie et à promouvoir le respect de leur dignité et de leurs droits fondamentaux.
HI ouvre actuellement une assistance vitale multisectorielle aux populations déplacées et non déplacées en Ukraine telles que : Protection, abris, santé, articles non alimentaires, sécurité alimentaire et moyens de subsistance, eau, assainissement, hygiène et éducation et renforcement et soutien de l'accès à la santé mentale et au soutien psychosocial ; fourniture d'articles de base et domestiques, y compris de la nourriture, une aide en espèces sans restriction et des articles de secours de base.

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