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EBS Integrator
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EBS Integrator
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Since digital transformations focus on cross-platform and iOS deliveries, a combination of these elements is one of our safest bets in choosing best-fitting technologies, deployed by our Agile-powered team of professionals. 

As an iOS and Flutter engineer, you will join our efforts in delivering universal platforms for stakeholders seeking process-to-business software that can run anytime - anywhere. Together, we handle our clients’ success journey, bringing its operations, service, or value delivery to the #NextLevel.  

If you are a developer that seeks a rich iOS as well as cross-platform development experience, span across phone, tablet, smartwatches, or any other iOS-powered end devices.  
If you would rather work across multiple verticals than focus on a single-pathed experience.  
If you love keeping up with innovations across the iOS or Mobile cross-platform ecosystems – you have landed just right. 
In exchange, we guarantee access to state-of-the-art tools, knowledge base and many other elements of a healthy learning environment, to grow and explore your chosen potential. 

Your job responsibilities shall resemble the following essentials: 

• Designing and developing native applications within the Flutter/iOS ecosystems. 
• Integrating RESTful web services into application workflows. 
• Working with UX Designers, Mobile Architects, and other key development roles to build outstanding mobile deliverables for enterprise digital transformation efforts. 
• Joining our Agile team on exploiting best-fitting leading-edge technologies for various digital transformation initiatives. 


• 2+ years’ experience with SWIFT 
• Solid Knowledge Base of the iOS SDK, Interface Builder, UIKit and AutoLayout 
• Solid KB with JSON and REST 
• Basic KB with VIPER Architecture Pattern 
• APIs KB with integrating third-party libraries and APIs 
• Basic KB with Google Firebase, Facebook and Stripe SDKs 
• Basic KB with SCM with a strong emphasis on Git and Git Flow 
• Understanding the mobile development process, including release management 


• Communication skills 
• Agile processes knowledge and experience 
• Soft skills: time-bounded, proactive, team player  

If interested, please send an e-mail with “iOS Developer Application” in the subject line at [email protected] 

Despre companie

About EBS Integrator company

EBS Integrator is a trusted IT Partner, we develop long-term sustainable solutions for highly complex software with hi-tech development methodology.

Therefore we bring development to the next level for each of our customers, covering:

  • CTO as a service
  • Web and Mobile development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Digital transformation
  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Application Refactoring

We have 12 years of experience and are growing every day on solving challenges.
We are diligent and dedicated doing a great job, that’s why we have 100?livered projects, and we are doing it as a team.
We work fast, fair, and affordable to fulfill our clients need to achieve their technology goals
We believe that each member of EBS`s team is one of the companie’s most important asset
You can also be one of us, join our team

Our Mission

All of our energy is focused on delivering outstanding digital experiences for each and every stakeholder.

Our Vision

We bring development to the next level!

Want to create great things with us?

We’re always looking for someone special. Maybe for you? Email us and become a part of the best team ever.

Join our team: [email protected]

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Nicolae Tataru
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25 Noiembrie 2022
Este o companie profesionala, oportunități nelimitate de creștere și dezvoltare, aici am câștigat cea mai mare experiență din cariera mea. Compania se dezvoltă constant, precum și angajații săi, recomand tuturor celor care caută oportunități noi.


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