Publicat  30 Martie 2022

Wordpress Developer

Basement Renovations Newmarket Chișinău La distanță 4000 USD
Basement Renovations Newmarket Chișinău La distanță 4000 USD

Informații de bază

4000 USD
Program de lucru:
La distanță
de la 1 an

Descrierea poziției vacante

Basement Renovations Newmarket repairs basements, penthouses and basements. We have been working since 2011, our specialists have a lot of experience, but we want to conquer new heights and develop our business. We have 1 Wordpress developer who does the site, he needs an assistant. Here, we want to find a good webpress developer who can build us a great website. We won't mind if a future employee is from Moldova. If you know English, can program and want to get experience in a foreign company - send your resume!


  • Layout and development of service interface component logic according to the UI/UX project
  • Writing unit tests
  • Automated and manual testing of our own code


  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • 1 year JavaScript development experience
  • 1 year or more experience in React + Redux + Saga development
  • Experience in modular frontend development
  • Experience with API, WebSockets (
  • Experience writing unit tests and covering code with tests.
  • Fluent reading of technical documentation in English

Will be a plus:

  • Understanding of Gitlab CI/CD.
  • Understanding of Docker, Kubernetes


  • Remote work.
  • 40+ hours per week
  • Plan your own hours of work
  • Required to participate in Skype meetings on Mon-Fri
  • Payment is hourly, based on JIRA reports
  • Rate of pay is negotiable based on test results

Despre companie

Basement Renovations Newmarket performs basement repair in Newmarket. We have been working since 2011 and have over 10 years of experience. We do all types of basement and basement work.

Types of Foundation Repair

Repair of the foundation of a cottage or country house should be carried out only after a preliminary study of the damage and working out the optimal technology for repairing defects. A detailed inspection makes it possible not only to correctly determine the necessary measures to restore performance, but also to identify the true causes of the current problems. It may be necessary to arrange a drainage system and/or reinforce the structure.

Restoration of bearing capacity

The scope of work depends on the type of foundation and the nature of the damage. Restoration of concrete foundations is carried out with the help of special modified compositions resembling cement mortar. They are poured inside the cracks, thus eliminating any defects.

For greater efficiency, special holes can be made in the base cavity to densely saturate the internal structure with the mixture. Pile foundations made of metal supports are repaired by replacing damaged elements or beams.

Reinforcing the foundation structure

Reinforcing the structure is a more complex task, which involves performing most of the steps similar to the construction of a new foundation:

  • A trench is dug around the perimeter of the foundation to allow access and, if necessary, to erect additional structures;
  • The surface of the walls is cleaned, then holes are made for the reinforcement, which is necessary for better bonding and increasing the stiffness of the combined base;
  • The shuttering is set and a reinforcement cage is placed in it, which is twisted with the pins driven into the holes of the old structure;
  • The mortar is poured.

After hardening and drying, waterproofing is performed. The exact set of works on repair of the foundation is an individual case-by-case basis and is determined after the study of the extent and intensity of the damage development.

Peculiarities of dacha foundation repair

Dacha houses have a simplified and light construction, which in most cases significantly reduces the amount of work, reducing the cost of repair. In this case, an impressive part of the territory, where the dacha plots are located, is subject to seasonal flooding at a high level of groundwater. Therefore, when carrying out repair work, you should always take into account these features and the need to build drainage systems, especially in case of high moisture content of the soil.

Foundation repair cost

The price for the restoration of the foundation under a wooden house or other structure is calculated taking into account the nature of the damage and the chosen method of repair. The final cost is also influenced by the cost of acquiring the necessary materials, the remoteness of the site, the urgency of work and other parameters. You can get a preliminary price for the repair of the foundation of a wooden house, brick building, as well as other structures, by contacting our manager.

Why it is worth to apply to us?

Repair activities in most cases are more technological and labor-intensive compared to the construction of a new foundation. That's why you should only trust them to professional companies, which include Basement Renovations Newmarket.

Having all the necessary resources, including modern equipment and construction teams, staffed by professionals with extensive experience, we will restore the supporting structure of any building in the shortest possible time with a 5-year warranty.


Basement Renovations Newmarket employs 14 people. Each of us is a professional in his or her field. And we would like to take our business to the next level. To this end, we would like to find on Delucru a Wordpress developer, who in a team with other developers can make us a cool site and service.


Adresa sediului central
210 Pony Dr Unit 3, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B6, Canada
Număr de contact:
(647) 428-9890
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