Publicat  14 Aprilie 2022

WEB developer

Basement Renovations Bradford Toate regiunile La distanță 2500 USD
Basement Renovations Bradford Toate regiunile La distanță 2500 USD

Informații de bază

2500 USD
Program de lucru:
La distanță
de la 1 an
Toate regiunile

Descrierea poziției vacante

Basement Renovations Bradford is a Canadian basement repair, soundproofing, waterproofing, etc. company. We have been in this business since 2013 and have already acquired many bladors reviews. Our company is currently looking for a web developer for a remote position (or office) to develop our website. And we know there are professionals in Moldova with the skills we need. If you speak English, send your resume!


  • Knowledge, experience with PHP and JavaScript
  • Good if you have experience with CMS: OpenCart, WordPress and self-written CMS
  • Not intimidated by the task of parsing other people's code
  • Lack of lines on resume such as: Know Windows, MS Office.

Examples of typical tasks:

  • Transfer product data from site database for Facebook Pixel events, Google Analytics. (For example, to transmit the ID, Title, Category, Price of the product, when clicking on the Add to cart).
  • Writing XML scripts of the formation of an unloading goods from the database of the store with updates on request.

Terms of work:

  • There is an experienced mentor for the initial assistance.
  • In the office or remotely.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Salary depends on current experience and skills, will be determined after a test assignment and interview.

Despre companie

Basement Renovations Bradford performs basement repairs in Bradford promptly and inexpensively in accordance with building codes and regulations. In our 8 years of experience since 2013, we have completed more than a multitude of basement repair and improvement orders for high-rise residential buildings and private homes.

Stages of basement waterproofing

If the risk of flooding of the basement of the building is high (ie the object is located in a valley, or built on soils with high occurrence of waterlogged horizons), the most effective is a complex waterproofing. It includes the performance of both external and internal works.

Exterior work

During exterior work, we act according to the following algorithm:

  • The underground part of the outer walls of the basement is opened (with manual or mechanized excavation).
  • The surfaces are cleaned - the old gyodroizolyatsiya is removed, the dirt is scraped off, the pores are opened for better adhesion.
  • The walls are dried.
  • First the joints between the boards, gaps and cracks are sealed.
  • Then the sealing is applied (several layers with a total thickness of up to 4-5 mm).
  • Rolled or membrane materials that provide maximum tightness of the basement can be glued on top of the coating layer.

Interior work

When the basement waterproofing is carried out from the inside - the price of the work may be less due to the absence of labor-intensive processes (excavation). But in any case, it requires a set of operations:

  • At the first stage of the basement is studied to identify places with the maximum risk of leaks.
  • All internal surfaces (walls, floor, floor slab) are cleaned from dirt and debris.
  • The joints of surfaces (wall - floor, wall - ceiling) are carefully sealed.
  • Under the screed, a moisture-proof layer is laid. Usually a combination of sand pad up to 30 cm and polyethylene film laid in several layers is used.
  • On the walls and floors are applied either coating compositions based on bitumen, or penetrating materials (epoxy, acrylic). The second option is more preferable, since after polymerization of the penetrating material is easier to finish the basement.

Injection basement wall waterproofing

In complex cases, we carry out injection waterproofing:

  • Holes are drilled in the walls to pump the waterproofing composition.
  • The holes are inserted into special nozzles - packers.
  • With their help injection mortar is pumped into the wall under pressure, which is distributed inside the pores and polymerizes, protecting the entire internal volume from moisture penetration.

You don't always need to implement the whole list of moisture protection operations. Usually it is enough to protect only some sections against moisture. In this case, the price of basement waterproofing will be much lower.

How is the price determined?

The price of basement waterproofing from the inside from groundwater, as well as the cost of external waterproofing depends on the following parameters:

  • The size of the basement (the larger the surface area, the higher the material consumption).
  • Peculiarities of watering of the site (in one case the problem may be only capillary moisture from the soil, in another - groundwater).
  • The material of the floor, walls and floor slab of the basement.
  • The condition of the moisture contours.
  • Requirements for humidity in the basement (for example, for a grocery store or an archive they may differ several times).

Only after the analysis of these and other factors our experts will be able to name the exact cost of basement waterproofing services. But in any case we will select the optimal combination of materials and technologies that can protect the room from waterlogging and damp as effectively as possible.


Basement Renovations Bradford is actively growing. We have regular customers with whom we do contract work. However, we would like to conquer new heights, and for this purpose we are looking for a WEB-developer on Delucru, who will undertake the development of our site.


Adresa sediului central
677 West Park Ave, Bradford, ON L3Z 0T9, Canada
Număr de contact:
(647) 428-8003
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