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Project Coordinator for implementing the EU Project “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance”

Fundația Friedrich Ebert Chișinău Full Time Negociabil
Fundația Friedrich Ebert Chișinău Full Time Negociabil

Informații de bază

Program de lucru:
Full Time
de la 3 ani

Descrierea poziției vacante

Project Coordinator for implementing the EU Project “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance”


Chisinau, Moldova

Application Deadline:

15 March 2021

Starting date:

at the earliest possible date

Expected Duration of Assignment:


Implementation period of the EU project is 01 April 2021 – 30 April 2024; starting date of assignment is negotiable


“Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance” Project is an EU/FES funded project implemented by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Moldova in cooperation with the Institutum Virtutis Civilis (IVC). The overall goal of the the Project is to contribute to strengthening the Moldovan civil society in order to engage in enhancing governance and shaping the life of their communities.

With a view to attaining the overall goal, the project aims at:

  • empowering and building the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (SCOs), Community-based organisations (CBOs) and Local Action Groups (LAGs) to influence policy-making at the local and national levels through the development and monitoring of public policies; the promotion of participatory budgeting, administrative transparency, including in public procurement; and, the promotion of gender-sensitive public policies;
  • building the capacity of decision makers of all levels to develop and apply policies, including gender-sensitive ones, as well as to cooperate successfully with the CSOs, CBOs, LAGs in the participatory policy-making.
  • enhancing the capacity of women and girls in participating in the decision-making processes at all levels, by empowering and encouraging them to have a more active role in decision-making processes.
  • enhancing public awareness on women’s role in good governance and the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for their social, economic and political participation.


The project activities will include capacity building (workshops, trainings, conferences, roundtables, subgrants & mentorship, alumni networking platforms) for women, relevant CSOs & decision makers, public policy development and monitoring, advocacy and participatory decision-making and awareness raising on women’s role in good governance and importance of ensuring equal opportunities for social, economic and political participation.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Oversee the “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance” Project on behalf of the FES to ensure it fulfills its goal and achieves its outcomes, in close cooperation with the project team-leader, including:
  • Design, plan and conduct project activities in compliance with the Project goals, objectives and planned outputs, in coordination with the project team leader;
  • Assume full responsibility for and manage effectively and efficiently all project activities and resources (human, financial, physical/ material assets, etc.) in order to meet expected results; 
  • Conduct procurement based on expected project outputs;
  • Contribute to overall project monitoring and evaluation;
  • Develop narrative and financial progress reports in compliance with the requirements of the funding organizations; Prepare budget revisions as needed;
  • Effectively manage other project-related activities and components;
  • Build partnerships and maintain dialogue with the Project stakeholders, including decision-makers at regional and national levels, together with the project team leader.


  • Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges of civil society, Local Public Authorities and women in Republic of Moldova; the aspects of good governance and participatory decision-making, as well as gender and inclusion issues;
  • Keeps abreast of recent developments in the area of gender-aware public policies, public administration, civil society and gender issues;
  • Has knowledge and previous experience of developing and conducting advocacy activities;
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with senior-level officials and decision makers for the project purposes;
  • Has good knowledge of project target-groups and stakeholders and has previously worked with diverse partners;
  • Has effective interpersonal and negotiations skills and ability to solve complex issues;
  • Has strong drafting and reporting skills;
  • Knowledge and previous experience of administering funds by international donors and applying their financial guidelines is an advantage. 


  • Master's/ university degree in social science, economics, political science, public administration, international development, or any other relevant field, including gender studies, and human rights;
  • Minimum 3-years of project management experience;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Excellent command of Romanian, English and Russian languages;
  • Flexibility to work outside the normal working hours, including evenings and weekends;
  • Experience of working for international agencies and organizations is an added value.


To apply for the job, interested individuals must submit the following documents/information:

  1. Letter of Intent/ Brief description of why the individual considers him/herself as the most suitable for the position;
  2. CV, including information about past experience in similar positions;
  3. Essay on the topic “Why is gender equality not just a women's issue? What should Moldova do to ensure gender equality?” (maximum 2 pages).
  4. Letters of reference, if available

A competitive salary goes with the position.

Please send your applications not later than March 15th to the following email address:

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