Publicat  08 Mai 2023

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - 100% Remote

Informații de bază

2 000 EUR
Program de lucru:
de la 2 ani
Remote (de acasă)

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Where we’re headed:
At YCIE we are looking for the right-hand man for our super nice (but overworked) founder. Our strategic outlook is twofold: (1) we are rapidly scaling our operations (payment gateways integration, expanded user functionalities) and (2) we are poised to integrate exciting technologies (Machine Learning and AI) to exponentially increase our processing capabilities.

Say hi:
If you’re proactive (you go after Trello tickets on your own), curious (you seek out challenges), and you want to work in a flat organization, where individual responsibility and ideas are more important than hierarchies and positions.

Our stack is JS/Node/Express/MongoDB for the backend and Pure HTML/(s)CSS/JS/jQuery for the frontend clients. As a CTO, you should have at least knowledge and experience in all these technologies, we need you to be proficient in the former. We believe that someone who has good analytical skills, design sensibilities, and is excited to grow through practice is a recipe for success. We are looking for the type of CTO who is not afraid of getting her or his hands dirty with some code.

Us, in a nutshell:
We’re one of the largest service-providers for the Estonian e-Residency program: we empower entrepreneurs to drive their business and vocations, irrespective of where they live. But our ambition is even bigger. We envision ourselves as an AI/ML leader, an industry household name (with a horn on our forehead).

Working here is a bit like the Goldilocks Zone...

We embrace the start-up culture. It’s fast-paced, you’ll tackle tech challenges and we live our core value: freedom -- to pursue your goals, unencumbered by a national border or bureaucracy. But, we are also established. The company’s lean and profitable -- with a working product that’s a reference for others. So, you’ll contribute at a critical stage for our success, certain that it’s a secure investment.

What you will do:

- Make reasoned design decisions, with potential issues & trade-offs in mind
- Define our processes and chart them ahead
- Write meaningful and clean code
- Handle open-ended problems and ambiguity well
- Have full ownership (and accountability) of which features to build and how to ship them
- Be a trusted key figure -- solve problems in your own way, manage time as a resource
- Learn from and work with a diverse team, each integral for growing our product

A great fit looks like...

- 3+ years of experience developing software
- 2+ years of experience managing teams and/or projects
… you’ve managed product development and know what it’s about
- Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent
… we’re not diploma-seekers, but do need know-how beyond a boot camp
- Knowledge and experience with Web tech (especially Javascript), Node.js, and Express
… our infrastructure’s languages, so you gotta know ‘em
- Knowledge and experience with NoSQL databases, MongoDB
- Knowledge and experience with Linux, databases, maintaining/managing servers
… you know how to flip the “on” switch if the server goes down
- Knowledge and experience in AI and ML greatly appreciated
- Strong command of software engineering principles, design, and process
… we build sustainable code: spaghetti’s for the kitchen
- Knowledge and experience with Git (versioning system)
… we play nicely -- at the same time
- Being comfortable communicating in English

Benefits in the position:

- €2000 monthly net salary
- Bonus: 2% of annual profits -- our success is shared
- 100% remote: work close to whatever is important to you
- Flexible working hours: adapt your work to how you best shine
- Practical know-how & active mentorship from our founder, a seasoned pro in the startup field
- Truly flat hierarchy structure, where every opinion is actively sought and valued
- Family-oriented company, with progressive values at its core
- Non-stressful environment with unquestionable respect for every colleague
- 28 days of vacation

Sounds good?


Send us your CV (IN ENGLISH) to [email protected] and share why you feel we’re a good fit for you (no need for cover letters) and what you’d bring to our team. Also, please answer the following questions:

Part I:

Why did you choose us? Please, be upfront (if it’s a steady income, great! If there is anything else that caught your attention, we’d be happy to know.)

Part II:

If forced to choose...
(Don’t worry, there are no right answers to these questions. It’s when forced to choose between two evils that we really show how we deal with difficult situations).

- I would code every feature the fast and dirty way, and then consider how to make it elegant later / I would apply every design pattern in the book until it is perfect, even if it takes much much longer than needed.
- I only work with modern frameworks, they are there to make our life easier, so why bother to learn JS? The framework does 99% of the work for me / I prefer to write everything from scratch myself, even if there are things that work out there, I don’t trust anyone else’s code, jQuery is for losers, hardcore developers use vanilla JS.
- Theory is everything / Theory is irrelevant if there’s experience
- Code is poetry… and it’s always obvious. Comments should only be added where strictly necessary / Everything should be commented, even the tiniest function adding A + B together.
- I would allow developers to be responsible for everything and let them work at their pace, even when we miss deadlines / I would order my team to spend one quarter of their time filling in Jira tickets and describing in a document in detail everything they are going to do before doing it to make sure we measure every second and know every deadline, even if it takes us 5 times more.
- People’s time should always be respected, I would never ask a developer to work overtime even if the server is down / Developers are tools, if we want them to work on weekends, they will work on weekends

Despre companie

Your Company In Estonia ( is the fastest-growing service provider of the e-Residency Program of Estonia. We help entrepreneurs from all around the world launch and run their business completely online.

We are a profitable company with a young, tech-oriented startup mindset. We offer completely remote work, 100% flexible hours, and a encouraging environment where your voice will be heard and your opinions matter.

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