Publicat  07 Iulie 2022
Ofertă de muncă fierbinte

IT system administrator (EN)

Ofertă de muncă fierbinte
Crossinx Chișinău Negociabil
Crossinx Chișinău Negociabil

Informații de bază

de la 2 ani
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Descrierea poziției vacante

Task description:
• Manage the functionality of workstations. 
• Manage the functionality of the entire system. 
• The permanent customization, measurement, or troubleshooting of server systems.
• Configure server systems. 
• A continuous and close cooperation with the data center. 
• Inform the IT leadership about current developments and trends in the information technology. 
• Administration of user rights. 
• Administration of storage systems. 
• Data backup and data recovery. 
• Permanent maintenance of hardware and software. 
• Network monitoring. 
• Network planning - finding solutions and measures of networking improvement.
• Maintenance of documentation 
• Internal support for all IT questions 
• Software distribution. 

• Successfully completed study as an IT specialist or comparable qualification 
• A degree in Computer Science or a comparable subject 
• Very good knowledge of different network topologies (Ethernet, WLAN, VPN, etc.) and network protocols (TCP / IP, OSPF, BGP and MPLS). 
• Experience with transmission protocols (e.g., FTP (S), SFTP). 
• Experience with message transport (e.g., OFTP, AS2, HTTP (S), SOAP, SMTP (S)). 
• Knowledge of Unix or Linux and Microsoft servers. 
• Knowledge of database systems, such as MySQL and Oracle. 
• Knowledge of IT security. 
• Good English knowledge. (Advanced)
• Strong customer and service orientation. 
• At least 3 years of know-how in. 
• At least 7 years know-how in the field. 

Abilități cheie
Răbdare MySQL

Despre companie

We digitize your business processes, and connect you, your customers and suppliers and offer you alternative financing options.

crossinx is the leading network for financial business collaboration. With solutions for e-invoicing, EDI and supply chain finance.

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Adresa sediului central
MD2012, str. București 88
Număr de contact:
+373 60544988
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