Publicat  28 Ianuarie 2022

WordPress developer

Appliance Repair in Brampton Chișinău, Paris La distanță 25000 MDL
Appliance Repair in Brampton Chișinău, Paris La distanță 25000 MDL

Informații de bază

25000 MDL
Program de lucru:
La distanță
Superioare în desfășurare
de la 2 ani
Chișinău, Paris

Descrierea poziției vacante

WordPress developer

Appliance Repair in Brampton specializes in repairing small and large appliances. We have been operating since 2003 in Brampton, Canada (Paris is listed because our city is not). Today we want to find a low cost wordpress developer to develop our website. We have heard that there are people in Moldavia who want to get this kind of experience and make good money. We hope that will help us to close the vacancy soon.

What we expect from a new colleague:

  • Experience with CMS Wordpress (APIs/themes/plugins) - 1 year or more
  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (adaptive and responsive layout, pixel perfect, flex-box layout)
  • Good knowledge of PHP 5+
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience with Bootstrap 3, 4
  • Confident Javascript/jQuery usage
  • Understanding of REST API's functionality and building
  • Desire to constantly evolve and learn something new

Will be a plus:

  • Knowledge of ES6+
  • Experience with PHP7+
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Git

What we offer:

  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Ongoing career advancement, bonus system
  • English lessons and communication with native speakers - us
  • Fully remote work
  • Ability to organize your own working hours.

Despre companie

Appliance Repair in Brampton has been repairing appliances in the city and county since 2003. We work responsibly and with quality, and we offer a warranty. Residents even from as far away as Brampton come to us because we know our business.

It is difficult to imagine the daily life of any modern man without major appliances. Technique greatly facilitates the performance of household chores, saves time and health. How much help is really necessary to us every day, you begin to understand only when it suddenly stops working. Do not get rid of faulty equipment, if you are completely satisfied with it. At the beginning find out the nature of the failure, the estimated cost of restoring or repairing. New is not always good.

It's not hard to place an order for appliance repair. It is difficult to find a skilled and knowledgeable professional. So go to a good technician and you won't have to repair again and again. Our work will deliver only positive emotions.

Reasons to call a specialist or get advice on washing machines:

  • does not react to turn on
  • fails to dial
  • does not start the cycle
  • doesn't spin
  • noises, rustles
  • leaks
  • does not drain
  • washes for a long time
  • Muddy laundry, stains and gray streaks appear
  • Bad smell from drum or dispenser
  • does not heat
  • Powder stays
  • Blows out RCDs
  • Makes mistakes, flashes indiscriminately

It is better to entrust complex operations of replacement or restoration to a master:

  • machine diagnosis
  • bearings, oil seal
  • electronic block brains
  • feed valves
  • unblocking of the hopper
  • remove foreign object
  • Repair wiring
  • detect and repair the leak
  • drain pump
  • circulation pump
  • heating element

Execution of an order for repair quality and time does not depend on the location of the equipment and the brand of the manufacturer. The specialist is provided with tools, diagnostic tools, consumable spare parts. A professional is motivated to start and finish the repair in one visit. The owner has the right to control the process and get information as they go along.

The work takes place at home. If necessary, we can take the equipment to the service center. Appliance Repair in Brampton maintains an adequate price level. We only use original spare parts. We can offer analogues upon agreement. Durability and reliability of universal is confirmed by practice and time. The warranty is unified and the savings are significant.

Causes of premature failures of household appliances:

  • vibrations
  • overloading
  • ingress of foreign objects
  • high temperature
  • high humidity
  • material aging
  • defective cleaning agents
  • interaction with aggressive chemicals
  • non-observance of operating rules

The equipment will withstand the above factors according to its design strength. Do not take "advice" from the Internet. All risks are your own responsibility. Dismantling and disassembling of the machine components without specific knowledge and proven practical skills threatens the final failure without the possibility of further restoration. The estimate can become significant.

Appliance Repair in Brampton minimizes the cost in your wasted time, finances, and health risks. The repairman will arrive precisely at the appointed time. They will purchase supplies and replacement parts and return them to the supplier if they are no longer needed.


Appliance Repair in Brampton is looking for a good web developer to develop our site based on Wordpress. We do not care what country our future employee will be from, even from Moldova. First of all, he must be able to code, speak English and want to work. We hope that on we will find such a person.



Adresa sediului central
30 Clark Blvd, Brampton, ON L6R 1H3, Canada
Număr de contact:
(905) 8530-6416
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